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More than 150 years after a last sign of life of August Wilhelm Mummenthey a mexican Mumenthey discovered the old continent Europe. In the beginning of 2002 I got an email out of the federal state of Oaxaca, Mexico where August Wilhelm Mummenthey immigrated in 1828. The sender with second name Mumenthey wrote: "i'm writing to make you know, that my family and i are from Mexico. Some days ago i was looking out for some information at the web, and i wanted to search for my lastname, which is mumenthey, and i found this page. I'm so excited, because now i have the knowledge that we come from some part of germany, so maybe we can find out some relatives....."


The emigrant to México

August Wilhelm Mummenthey 1827

1) August Wilhelm Mummenthey 1827 shortly before his departure to México.

Gallery unexpected luck'

2) Gallery 'Unexpected Luck' at St. Andreasberg, Harz
(© www.sankt-andreasberg.de).

municipal coat of arms of St. Andreasberg

3) The municipal coat of arms of St. Andreasberg shows the apostle St. Andrew, the patron saint of the miners.

August Wilhelm Mummenthey was born at St. Andreasberg/Harz at the 29th of December 1803 with ancestry until Osterode/Harz and studied from 1822 - 1824 at the Mining School Clausthal/Harz. The picture above shows August Wilhelm Mummenthey (called: Wilhelm) in the age of 23 (shortly before his birthday) when he emigrated to Oaxaca, Mexico. On the right side the municipal coat of arms of the town St. Andreasberg with St. Andrew Apostle, the patron saint of the miners, who gave his name to the first silver mines of this place founded at the end of the fifteenth century. The miner's tools of those times and the symbol of mining 'Schlegel und Eisen' (mace and chisel) are below on the left side.
Mining School at Clausthal

4) Mining School at Clausthal.


August Wilhelm Mummenthey student at the Mining School Clausthal

AWM alumno de escuela minería

5) Some facts of the student of the Mining School of Clausthal.

Name of the student
Hometown of the student
Date of
Actual profession
of the student
216. Mummenthey A.W.
Emigrated to Mexico

A letter of his brother Karl Heinrich addressed to their sister Karoline

Carta del ano 1827

6) A letter dated 13th of December of 1827 (part).

The letter dated 13th of December of 1827. Karl Heinrich Mummenthey wrote to their sister Karoline:

Dear sister,
last monday at seven o'clock in the morning Wilhelm left Clausthal, and he bade again to say goodbye to you on behalf of him and to remember him also in this part of the world where he is searching a new fatherland; as I left him he was cheerful and well, that God will guide him in this way until to his arrival .....
Firma de Karl Heinrich Mummenthey

7) Firma of the brother Karl Heinrich Mummenthey (Letter of 1827).

Your brother
Königshütte the 13th of December 1827 KH Mummenthey

The arrival in Mexico in 1828

Valle cerca Santa Maria Yavesia

8) Valley near Santa Maria Yavesia.

After his arrival in Mexico in spring 1828 August Wilhelm Mummenthey works in the mining district of Ixtepeji, near the village Ixtlán de Juárez, about 40 km northeast of Cd. Oaxaca. Perhaps he dwelled in Santa Maria de Yavesia as Eduard Mühlenpfordt did, who acted between 1827 and 1835 at first as an official of an English mining association 'Mexican Company' {silver mining}, and after that as a director of road construction of the federal estate of Oaxaca. He returns in 1835 to Clausthal where A. W. Mummenthey and E. Mühlenpfordt had studied at the Mining School as comrades and friends. August Wilhelm Mummenthey was lost without trace for his family in Germany after 1842.
In the church registers of Santiago Apostle in Santiago Niltepec (Isthmus) was found beneath this wedding entry - Agustín Mometey married Juana López, parents of the husband Don Guillermo Mometey and Doña Clara Joaquina Martel, originally de Cd. Oaxaca - a lot of descendants! August Wilhelm Mummenthey (Agustín Guillermo Mometey) is the progenitor of the mexican Mumenthey families! But which fate guided his son Agustín from Cd. Oaxaca, the capital of Oaxaca to this small village Niltepec in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec? He arrived there at an age of ten years accompanied by other orphans and a priest who took charge of the service in the church of Santiago Apostle Niltepec!

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