Mummentheys in America. Part Three: Ekalaka, MT.


Johann Andreas Mumdey born 14.5.1866 in Weißenborn-Lüderode (Eichsfeld between the Harz mountains and Göttingen) emigrated to Montana, USA. His ancestor in Weißenborn, Conrad Mummenthey, born about 1640, brought his name probably from the Osterode/Werningerode region in the struggles of The Thirty Years War to Lüderode. The name is documented in the originally spelling as Conrad married, but it changed into Mummendey before he died. His descendands have the names Mommendey and Mummendey until the name was finally shortened over Mumendey to Mumdey.

Margaret and Andrew Mumedy
In varios family papers, I got from my uncle Karl-Adolph Mummenthey, I found this reproduction of an old picture showing Andrew Mumedy and his wife Margaret. The American Mumedy families nowadays are scattered all over the States, so this webside will have to be completed to provide an opportunity in getting information about the German ancestry of the Mumedy people in the United States of America.
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