Mummentheys in America. Part One: Baltimore, MD.


Eduard Bruno Mummenthey, who changed his name later to Bruno Momenthy was born on 10 th of October 1839 in Halberstadt, Germany. He emigrated to America, where he established in 1864 on West Fayette Street The Momenthy Restaurant. Here you can see the Bourse Building after the removal to Gay Street next to Marine Bank. It was destroyed in the big fire of 1904.

The Momenthy Restaurant

1) The Momenthy Restaurant

The Bourse Building

2) The Bourse Building in the Gay Street


To my uncle Emil Mummenthey he wrote a lot of letters and postcards until the World War I stopped this connection. Bruno Momenthy had a son Emil Bruno Momenthy who was a Manager in his father's restaurant. His picture is shown in a little booklet describing all the features of Restaurant and Cafe.


3) Postcard from Eduard Bruno directed to his 'Vetter' Emil Mummenthey

Emil Bruno Momenthy

4) Emil Bruno Momenthy, Eduard Bruno's son and manager of the restaurant.


In the ancestry of Bruno Momenthy you will find, beneath plain Harzer people as carters and workmen, Carl Georg Julius Mummenthey an art moulder and casting master whose sons were educated with the sons of the Count of Stolberg.

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